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Camp Rhyme-a-lot Camp

$80.00 - $241.50

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Camp Rhyme-a-lot Camp

Meeting Details

Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Days: Mon - Fri
Discovery Elementary
5241 36th St. N
Arlington, VA, 22207

Registration Event

Registration for this activity starts on 02/21/2024 at 12:00 pm.

Registration/Reservation Rules:

Age older than or equal to 3.50 and younger than or equal to 6.99. The date used for calculating the age is 07/22/24.
Registration ends at 5pm on the Monday one (1) week prior to the Camp Session start date.
Out of County registration begins at 12pm on March 4.
Resident registration begins at 12pm on February 14.

Camp Rhyme-a-lot Camp

All My Senses: Touch it, Smell it, Hear it, See it, Taste it! Go beyond what you see and have fun making art that you can touch, smell, hear, and taste too!
Pets & Puppies: Hop, pounce, or bark your way into these vibrant creations of Pets and Puppies! Your artists will explore exceptional projects inspired by innovative artists and pets! These colorful pets will soar into your hearts and homes as you have a PET-tastic time experimenting with painting, collage, sculptural art and more!
Super Doodles: Blast off with this super fun camp! Create super-sized drawings and masks! Imagine superheroes and your own superpowers! Make a paint super-mess and produce spectacular sculptures and paintings! Create nonstop super FUN art projects in this super-duper camp!
Smart Art: SMART artists are SMART kids! What better way to engage developing creative minds than through STEAM lessons designed especially for them? Age-appropriate Science, Technology, and Engineering blend seamlessly with Art projects. Kids will have loads of fun engaging in various SMART art concepts to explore!
Camp Rhyme-a-lot: Rhyme, sing, play, and create! Our favorite rhymes come to life through art in the creative hands of Abrakadoodle preschoolers! Make a 3D spaghetti collage, create a textured ant hill, climb aboard a colorful freight train, and visit the market in the imaginative world of Rhyme-A-Lot!
Kick Catch & Splash: Kickstart your imagination, catch your arty tools and join us to make a splash! Learn about athletes who make striking artwork. Get inspired by artists who create visual effects, transforming sports into a form of art. Join us for Olympic-sized fun and create whimsical and sporty artwork!
Artsy Builders: Calling all creative minds! We are planning a city! Let’s use arty tools to design skyscrapers, bridges, community pools, houses, bistros, airports and even museums. Create an artsy garden with trees and sculptures. Paint your own urban skyline inspired by Van Gogh. Join us on the road to fun!
Zootastic: Use creativity to bring Zootastic creatures to life! Coil clay to make spiral elephants and sluggish sloths. Pinch clay pots to create bright tigers, mix the colors of a ferocious lion, press spots onto a leaf-eating giraffe. Have fun while you learn new techniques and sculpt 3D clay animals!

Camper to Staff Ratio 1:8


Always Charge:
Register for AM Extended Hours? (Standard Fee): $80.00
Res: Core Hours Fee (Standard Fee): $210.00


Always Charge:
Register for AM Extended Hours? (Standard Fee): $92.00


NonRes: Core Hours Fee (Standard Fee): $241.50
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